Saturday, May 9, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking---My beginning

I am creative by nature -- so I came across digital scrapbooking....Hmmmmm what is it I asked.....
Well, I started looking around-- and joined in a few challenges... I even have a membership at ScrapBookingGoneDigital, which was given to me as a present from my future husband.
What looks simple-- to me isn't... I don't really understand computer programs
so it has been a challenge working with programs I didn't have, and making them work!!!Yikes Then the challenge throws in a Template -- well I redid the template challenge several times in the hopes it would work!! I was trying to fill in the circle, not the entire background -- then I came across a tutorial that suggested I need to hold down my control key to isolate the item to be colored -- I did just that-- and it worked!!!
This Page I called the Dragon Fly Dance. It was a challenge using the SgD Template 002, Flowers are from:KayJay-mommy collection@DigitalArts-Cafe,dphillips_KIDS elements from SdG, and the Papers are from:Valentine Collection at SdG.
I had fun with this challenge--I still find working with a template to be the most challenging thing ever.
But I will do more......